Game rules


1. Participation in the game „The treasure hunter” hereinafter referred to as a ‚game’ is free.
2. The main prize for completing the game is a two day stay in Villa Sever for two people. The Sponsor predicts the prize-drawing of three main prizes every quarter.
3. One must be over 18 to participate in the prize draw.
4. To participate in the prize draw, one must finish the game successfully and provide valid data in the registration form accessible at the end of the game. It is required that all spaces be filled in correctly.
5. The prize drawing is supervised by a committee.
6. The acceptance of the prize implies the acceptance of these game rules.
7. In accepting the prize, participants permit the use of their image: in pictures, recordings and/or videos employed for the purposes of the Villa’s website presentation www.willasewer.pl as well as in the panoramic game without any restrictions or additional payment.
8. Travel expenses are not refunded by the promoter of the contest.
9. The winner has the right to withdraw from accepting the prize.
10. The participant can send unlimited number of applications, in order to increase his/hers chances to win, however the prize draw includes, the first application turned in on that particular day.