Business Offer

Villa Sever is a perfect place for business meetings, conferences, and training courses.

In the building we have a restaurant and a comfortable conference room for about 60 people. The conference room contains a variety of equipment for audiovisual presentations.
We also have a smaller conference room with a round table. It is a great place for meetings in narrow circle groups.
After fruitful business meetings you can enjoy our wide variety of villa’s amenities.
At the request of our guest’s we can provide full transport service.

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    Niezapomniane chwile spędzone w naszym
    ośrodku, komfort wypoczynku oraz miła obsługa
    są symbolem jakości Willi Sewer.


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  • Luxury, excellence and comfort are the hallmarks
    of Villa Sever. We guarantee that as a visitor you
    will leave with lasting memories.

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